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Happy Mothers Day Funny Cards Collection

Happy Mothers Day Funny Jokes: For upcoming beautiful occasion Mothers Day 2017, Happy Mothers Day Funny Wishes are in much demand along with happy mothers day quotes 2017, happy mothers day memes which will make your mom happy and laugh with your friends and family.

Every child wants to give something special on this beautiful day.so this best mothers day funny jokes will make your mother smile and enjoyment, happiness. Here we are with an awesome collection of Funny Happy Mothers Day, Happy mothers day funny cards for this mothers day 2017. Download this Mothers day funny collection on this special event day. Feel free to share with your friends and family on facebook, WhatsApp, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and many others social networking sites.

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Happy Mothers Day Funny Collection

  • Thanks for not bothering me if I marry a man or a woman as long as I give you grandchildren before you die. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • From tomorrow let’s get back to passively ignoring our mothers for the next 364 days.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to those women, who were intelligent enough to escape maternity.
  • Let’s be grateful for our moms that they didn’t abort us.
  • If mother wants to attract her children attention, she needs to sit comfortable on the sofa.
  • My lost things usually suddenly appear when my mother starts looking for them.
  • I hope you won’t remember that my graduation means the end of my financial dependency. Happy Mother’s Day!

I remember I was a kid and the scariest words were “I’ll tell your mom”.

Sorry, your argument is wrong… I am your mother.

Folk Wisdom says that nothing is really lost until Mother can’t find it.

It happens that I open my mouth and my mother comes out. Happy Mother’s Day!

Funny Happy Mothers Day Quotes

Dear mom, congratulations on being one year closer to the age when you start complaining about not having grandchildren.

Only after some time you start understanding, that you are more dependent on mom now than when you were in utero.

Happy Mother’s Day to the person who uses my voicemail like a podcast.

If I’m late to Mother’s Day dinner it’s just because I needed to stop by and grab a box of Plan B.

I want to thank you for not leaving me on someone’s threshold. Happy Mother’s Day!

Keep calm and pick your phone to call your mom!

Does it mean I have to buy two Mother’s Day gifts, if I have lesbian moms?

I want to thank you for not sleeping with some of my friends who thought you were hot.

Dear son, I hope you planned my Mother’s Day celebration more carefully than I did getting pregnant with you.

Dear Mom, I know Mother’s Day is one of the top celebration and I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day, even though I pretty much raised myself.

Mom, you brought me into a world where love can be expressed online.

  • Have a nice Mother’s Day and be sure you still have chances to mess up someone else’s life.
  • I am really happy that we even don’t need to say out loud that I’m your favorite child.
  • I wish your cats would understand what Mother’s Day is.
  • Thanks to all our mothers for their support in decisions they ever made for us.
  • We have to wish Happy awkward Mother’s Day to all the stepmothers we know.
  • I would like to apologize for making you a mother and messing our fun.

Happy Mothers Day Funny Cards

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